It looks like the folks who have houses on Galveston Island are already S.O.L. The storm hasn't even gotten here yet and many of the houses and restaurants on the shore are just about under water. The tide is really coming in!

Here, the wind has picked up a little, but it still looks like your average sunny day in September. It's hard to believe that in less than 12 hours we're going to be experiencing 50+ mph winds! We've got boards up on the windows that face the north and west where the big gusts are expected to come from. One thing about having a two story house is that it is too dangerous to get up to some of the second floor windows. We'll just pray for the best there. It feels like a prison in the rooms with boarded windows.

Our neighborhood is filled with the noises of saws and hammers as people finish up their windows. I am not surprised at how many people are staying after that mess with Hurricane Rita a couple of years ago. I think one of the reasons that the highways didn't get insane is that a  lot of people who left during Rita are staying this time.

There are still some folks out trying to find gas and sundries, but good luck with that! Most of the gas stations around here were out of gas yesterday. Shane had to buy premium to top off his tank. From what I've heard, most or all of the stores are boarded up and closed today.

We will probably have some friends come over later today to try to make things less scary for the kids. We'll make it one big slumber party. With 100 mph winds, 10" of rain and maybe a tornado. It'll be the party of the year! 


cjh said...

Good luck! I know what you mean about the 2nd floor windows. Just hoping for the best.

selzach said...

My fingers are crossed for you guys.

I HATE hurricane season.

Reggie said...

Be safe and keep us updated as long as you can.

Here, we've stocked up on things and moved in everything from outside. However, we haven't boarded up anything....