Day 4 Update

For our final full day in San Diego, we took the ferry over to Coronado. What a lovely little island city! Of course, we didn't realize the energy it would take to pedal one of those tourist surreys around the island and ended up on a quest to get back without falling over rather than enjoying the gorgeous views. Next time, take a cab, Stace!

We did make it to the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado, a must see on your trip to the island. Unfortunately, we had no beach gear with us so it was one of those National Lampoon's Vacation moments where we looked for 2 seconds and then got back on the bike.

The flight home was uneventful (thank all that is holy) and we got home around 9:30 last night. I used the wonders of chemistry to get to sleep at a reasonable hour so I can readjust to Houston time. 

Today will consist of laundry and errands and getting back in the groove of things. Thanks for coming along with me on my trip. We will download pictures soon. Email me if you want to see them [sglaesmann (at) mac (dot) com].


Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I've never vacationed in California, but it's on my list! It sounds divine!

Tracey said...

I've been to Coronado. Beautiful!!! Thanks for coming back to my blog. I do believe I am back to stay. I've missed it. :)

Reggie said...

Oh yeah - and thanks for all those great photos from your trip - NOT! 9 photos? How lame is that?

It will be nice to compare our San Diego trips when I get back from mine in a couple of weeks. But I'll probably only be there 2 days. :( I love it there. Guess 2 days is much better than none.