Lazy Summer

I love summer. At least the beginning when we don't take sleeping late and loads of free time for granted. When there's no "I'm bored"s (well, maybe a few). When we use the phrase, "Let's play it by ear" a lot. 

The pool is getting lots of use and we already have nice tans. We're looking forward to our trip to San Diego in a few days. 

Yep, life is good.


cjh said...

Ooooh, life is good. If you need someone to keep the pool company while you're gone... Actually, I'll be in the San Diego area Tue-Thu for work.

Reggie said...

So very jealous. Wish I liked Summer as much.

All summer means to me is that the weather is worse in Houston.

creechman said...

"T", "I," double "G," "ERRR," - that spells Lazy Acey.

Cheryl said...

One of my favorite things about summer is the promise of good things to come. Hope you and yours have a great vacation!