Sign of the Times

I was taking Punkin to school this morning, listening to local radio show. The big prize for today - concert tickets? Backstage passes? No! Gasoline.

Yes, folks, a few gallons of gas now cost more than front row tickets. Each time I drive by the gas station, I get a brief sensation of panic. There won't be much traveling this summer for us.

How have the higher gas prices affected you?


Nell said...

I would totally have tried to win that contest. How has it affected me? I try to "coast" as much as possible - seriously!

Meanwhile Mark is riding his motorcycle every single day and filling up for $7. Blah!

Eric said...

I fill up roughly once every two weeks. My tank is 14.1 gallons. That's roughly 28 gallons per month.

Gas here in the Silicon Valley is just above $4. Supposing an unreasonably low price of $2, I'm losing just $56 per month.

$50 or even $100 per month isn't enough to sweat over.

If I were driving an 8 MPG SUV or commuting 100 miles per day, then yeah it would affect me. But to answer your question, it hasn't yet affected me at all.

creechman said...

Some guy on the radio was filling up his 18 wheeler and the gas price went up in the middle of his pumping. First 50 gallons one price. The rest, a higher price.

Bubba's Sis said...

It's scary when I put $50 in my van and only get ½ a tank! We won't be traveling much this summer, either, but we have a Thanksgiving Disney trip planned - I hope the gas prices go down before then!

Bubba's Sis said...

I saw a sign outside a local Italian restaurant that said, "Spaghetti - $3.50 - Cheaper than gas!"

latt├ęgirl said...

Not at all. I use a bike. (OK, it doesn't compare, because I live in a very small town and rarely need to travel more than 10 minutes... Guess if I had a car I'd -- uh, park it on blocks?)

I know a lady who has a compact car and she spends $40 to fill up and drive an hour to Montreal; then another $40 for the trip back. But her problem is that she drives badly and wastes fuel - inconsistent speeds, brake/gas/brake/gas, and all those other bad habits.

And it drives me NUTS when people let their vehicles idle. You'd think they know better by now, and stop blaming their fuel consumption on the oil companies.