Good News Abound!

Last weekend my friend Cynthia got her MRS. It was a great wedding - I was a bridesmaid and Punkin was the flower girl. The reception was at the beautiful Omni Hotel in downtown Austin. I made it until 3am and am still trying to recover. What - I am not 25 anymore?? But one of the highlights was getting carded at the open bar. I just laughed when he asked me if I was 21. Try 21 + 16. When I get some pics, I'll post them here.

In other good news, Emerson made it through his surgery just fine and I am hoping that Mark has picked him up from the hospital this morning and is petting his buddy right now. Sometimes a sick or dying pet is worse than having a relative in the same situation. My prayers and good vibes go out to both of you!! Hang in there, Emerson!

Also, I'd like to say a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful mother-in-law!! I'm so lucky to have 2 moms! Dee, you're definitely the fun one and I can't wait to help you spend that gift certificate!! I love you!

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