Go Devils!

Woke up to rainy weather. Had enough time to watch a Seinfeld episode before the alarm went off. David Puddy has to be one of my favorite guest characters. Punkin calls him "Kronk" because he's a pretty regular voice actor for Disney and other animated features.

This week has been rather slow, but I am not complaining. Finished up the semester at San Jac last week, so no more teaching until August-ish. I've been trying to wear an arm sling to remind me not to use my right arm/hand, but it is so inconvenient! The doc says the only way I am going to get rid of this tedinitis in my shoulder is by resting it. Yeah, right! Reminds me of when I broke my right wrist in high school. Try writing with your left hand for 6 weeks when you're a righty. 

Why does it feel like Friday?

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