Ed Goes Mutant

I am a big Edward Norton fan. The first time I saw him was in Primal Fear. I thought he was brilliant! So, it's a bit disturbing to see that he is playing Bruce Banner in the new Incredible Hulk movie. I just can't reconcile Eisenheim and Walter Fane with a giant angry green mutant.

Looks like he co-wrote the screenplay, too. Is this a case of an actor not wanting to be pigeonholed into a certain type of character?


Reggie said...

Hey, we agree on Norton. I really like him. Didn't you hate "Fight Club?" Another movie I like...

Also good in "Rounders."

Norton is the only reason I'll see the Hulk. Want to see what he lends to it. You read all about his feud with the director/studio over the final version of the film?

StaceyG said...

I liked Fight Club. Is this another anomaly?? I guess I didn't hear about all the problems with Hulk. I didn't know he was a screenwriter until I wrote this post.