Weekend Update

We went to the Rush concert on Saturday. I had me some 12th row tickets...sweet! At the encore, I jumped up to 3rd row when some doofii (plural of doofus) left their seats. As always, the boys put on a great show. We got the brief thrill of being by the driveway when they tore out of there in their town cars. No rest for the weary, I guess.

I wonder when these guys will stop touring. So much energy well into their 50's. I'm not sure if I could keep up with them now, much less post-50. Maybe they'll be like the Stones, rocking away with one foot in the grave. (sarcasm, folks!) As long as they keep producing good music, I will keep buying tickets.


Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds awesome!!! Are you going to any other concerts soon? Van Halen is coming, and Chicago, and Journey!!

Tracey said...

I saw them last summer at an outdoor amphitheater. I took Kyla and Jordin. While Kyla loved it...Jordin fell asleep 1/2 way through. LOL Great show!!!