This week seemed to go by so fast for some reason. I guess I have been pretty busy. Yesterday, I took Punkin to get her eyes checked...sure enough, she needed glasses. We got her some cute little pink frames and they were able to make the lenses there in about half an hour. Punkin is actually very excited about her glasses, though I know from experience that will change as she gets older. I am not sure what the "proper" age is for contacts. I got mine in high school.

I am in a wedding next weekend in Austin. I haven't been a bridesmaid in years. The dress is actually very nice, but I just can't see where I would ever wear it again. Maybe I'll be invited to a ball some day. Punkin is the flower girl and is excited about her dress and tiara. It should be a good experience.

Hope y'all have a bitchin' weekend!

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Creechman said...

I know my weekend is going to start off right. ;)