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...to comments about my "100 things" list: I find it interesting that I am perceived as an overachiever still. Maybe that's something that's so ingrained in me, no amount of slacking will ever be enough to get me out of that category. But seriously...compared to 5 years ago, I am much more laid back. Yes, I go to work and take care of my family, but it's not unusual for me to spend an afternoon vegging in front of the TV or reading a novel. That was unheard of before.

I was talking to a friend of mine about the period of time right before I went back to grad school. This was a typical day for me: wake up at 5am, get Punkin (who was still an infant) ready, feed her breakfast, get me ready, drop her off at daycare around 6am, go to the gym, work out for an hour, shower, get ready for work and be at the office at 8am. Work until 5pm, go pick up Punkin, go home and cook dinner, feed and bathe Punkin and put her to bed, spend some time with my husband and then get to bed myself - usually by 10pm (if I didn't have any volunteer work to do).

Nowadays, I get up at 7am, watch Camp Lazlo while I drink my breakfast of Diet Coke, drop Punkin off at school around 7:30, come back home and do whatever I need to in order to prepare for the day (or watch more TV), get ready and leave around 9:30 or 10am, see clients or teach until 2:30, pick up Punkin around 3pm, come back home and either veg or do paperwork, heat up dinner, maybe see one more client at 6pm, come home and take a shower, get into bed around 9pm to watch more TV or read, be asleep by 10 or 10:30.

To me that seems like a big difference. But maybe some of this is natural evolution that comes with my kid growing up and not needing (or wanting) as much attention. Sometimes I think I need a hobby, but nah - vegging is as good as anything else.

And Reggie - I can have 5 best friends if I want to! Just because you can't even find one doesn't mean that you have to shoot me down! MUHAHAHAHA!

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Creechman said...

100 things is a lot.

As for new hobbies, natural evolution and all, the key to finding one is to mull.

I find "mulling" sometimes almost too much effort.