Weekend Update

First of all, I must say, "I'm sorry to hear that," to my Patriot fan-friends. I know how badly you wanted them to win the Super Bowl. I'm totally throwing cyber-condolences your way.

Today, Punkin decided to start fake coughing and sneezing. I expect that she'll want to stay home from school tomorrow and is paving the way. I did have to tell her that her fake sneezes are lame, and then I showed her how to really fake a sneeze. Sad when you have to show your kids how to lie.

She's decided to have her birthday party at one of these froo-froo girls' stores where they do makeovers and dance around to teen-hit-of-the-week CDs. I think they have a sound-proof booth for parents - if they don't then they should.

I was also blessed to take Punkin to see the Hannah Montana movie. In 3-D. Actually, the 3-D part was my saving grace. One can only hear "Best of Both Worlds" so many times before wanting to kill oneself. But having the drummer almost hit you in the face with a drumstick and having confetti fly near your head (or at least appear to) was pretty darn cool.

And so it is Monday again. I spent the day discussing states of consciousness with my students. A few even managed to fall asleep in class (definitely an altered state). I'm surprised anyone even showed up after all the SuperBowl parties last night. 

Yep, it's the little things that matter.


Bubba's Sis said...

We saw the HM3D movie, too. I thought the drummer was cute! He can throw his drumstick my way anytime! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hannah Montana is a small community outside of Billings, recently inundated by tourists wanting photos of self by the population limit sign.

Reggie said...

Thanks for the condolences. And why are you training your kid to dupe you that she's sick?