Rushing Past Margaritaville

This morning on my way to school, I watched a white BMW fly up on my tail, pass me, get "boxed in" in between 2 cars in front of me, and finally wrestle free, ne'er to be seen again. I was simultaneously listening to a podcast and the speaker was talking about how we tend to rush through life, where's-the-fire style. Synchronicities like that make me smile.

I was also thinking about a trip to Mexico I turned down recently. My good friend is about to get married and is fortunate enough to be having 2 bachelorette parties - one on a tropical beach and the other more local. Money, planning and passport expedition aside, I found myself pondering a deeper reason why I didn't try harder to arrange to go. I haven't met the other bridesmaids, save the matrons of honor, and while I am sure they are fabulous (my friend has great taste obviously), I want time with my friend all to myself.

I have always had this deep desire to be special to certain people, and I get very selfish and possessive of this specialness (whether real or imagined). So while the logistics really do stand in the way of me going, my deep-seated desire for exclusivity has reared its head again. 

Buenos noches, mi amiga. Have a margarita for me (no salt, please).


Creechman said...

I understand what you mean. But I'm willing to share you with the world.

You don't have to attend anything you don't want to attend.

But the last HD-DVD you sent me is now worth nothing.

Blu-Ray women's TV talks shows. That's the ticket.

Reggie said...

I'm right there with ya.

Much prefer to see my friends in small settings than large - Christmas party aside.

Which is why the bday celebration is being split over several weekends. Why have ice cream just once when you can do it four times? :) Of course, looking forward to seeing you more than any of the others...