Project Day

I am working on designing a brochure for a conference. I love doing this type of work. Time just flies by - I am in the flow.

The thing that bugs me about this particular project is having to research and confirm everyone's credentials. Lord help me if I call a psychiatrist (MD) a social worker (LMSW) or if I don't include every last book and accolade. 

I do understand some of it. I worked hard for my Masters and like to see "MA" after my name. But I wouldn't start a scandal if someone left it off or misspelled my name. So...love the work, am irritated at the feeling of being under a microscope. 

Maybe I should screw up everyone's credentials on purpose just for kicks - especially the MDs. They *hate* it when you don't call them "doctor." Muhahahahaha!

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Reggie said...

What brings about this job? Are you going to be speaking there? What's your affiliation with the conference? More travel opportunities?