I usually don't bother to comment on pop culture scandals a la Lindsey and Britney, but this particular announcement had me floored. 

I'm not an idiot - I know that plenty of 16 year olds (and younger) have sex all the time. What I don't quite get is why so many turn up pregnant. 

The Spears family obviously doesn't lack in the financial department - a trip to the GYN for the pill or some condoms shouldn't set them back too much. After what her sister has gone through, you'd think Jamie Lynn would have some extra information so that ignorance wouldn't be a factor.

I guess the bottom line for me is that I am disappointed. Punkin loves to watch Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon. She wants to be like Zoey and Hannah Montana.

I suppose this can be a learning experience for my 8 year-old. I cringe to think of the day she asks to get on the pill, but I am damn sure going to make sure that we are open enough with each other that she feels comfortable asking me for things like that. I don't want her sneaking around, feeling too ashamed to talk to me (which I suspect is what happened with Jamie Lynn).

Please, oh please, don't let Miley Cyrus get pregnant...or on drugs...or in a cult...or start collecting shrunken heads. We're running out of role models here.


cjh said...

Seriously. I'm glad I'm not in your shoes right now but I can't help but think things will certainly not be better in the 10 or so years before I'd have an 8-ish-year-old.

creechmark said...

She's quite the topic of conversation today. A 16 year-old star on Nickelodeon, on a TV show for pre-teens, is pregnant. Maybe it was that way when I was in high school? But I was either extremely naive, or simply out of the loop.

I'm sure her kid is going to have a normal upbringing. The Spears parents must be extremely proud of the way they've raised their young ladies.

Diana said...

Worse, Stacey, her mother is writing (or has written) a parenting book!

My oldest daugher (18) went on birthcontrol because of her periods and I HATE for her to refer to the pills as "Birth Control" because we both know they are NOT for birth control!! However...

Did you know that Jamie Lynn was living with her boyfriend? She was.

So, should we all buy into her mother's book?

StaceyG said...

Perhaps the book is "How Not to Parent." =)

Church Critic said...

I think this is a great thing actually! My own opinion is that youth today have too many role models that aren't "real". They're made up characters on TV shows, or they're sports stars, or whatever.

They aren't the local leaders in our own communities who should really be identified and looked up to. Hopefully her being pregnant will result in alot of discussions between parents and daughters not just about sex but also who their role models should be.


StaceyG said...

Good point, CC!