Turkey Day Recap

Thanksgiving was nice. It's always good to see family that we only see once a year. The weather left much to be desired, but I am grateful for the rain and actual November-like temperatures!

Punkin has opened a "store" upstairs that she's waiting for me to shop in. See, I don't even have to leave my house to hit the sales! Which is good since you'd have to bind-and-gag me to get me out to the malls today. Or yesterday. Or Friday. The only bad thing about her "store" is that they don't have anything I really need and I have to eventually give my merchandise back to the proprietor.

It's still cold and drizzly outside, which is fine with me. Today seems to call for doing laundry and watching cable until my eyes bleed.

I hope everyone who is traveling made it home safe and had a terrific holiday weekend! We are blessed indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like an in-home shopping network. Yes, love this weather. Be glad you're not on I45 south, entering Houston. Oh my God. Never seen so many cars.