Catching Up Again

Oh, man am I tired...but in a good way. The past few days have been wrapped up in getting my mom's house ready for closing tomorrow (yay!) and finishing up my contribution to the Thank God I... project.

It's amazing how writing in detail about a painful experience can bring it all to the surface again. I guess that's what makes for good writing. But boy, do I feel emotional!

In other news, we are thinking of getting a friend for our dog, Nemo. I have applied to adopt a rescue dog, so we'll see how that works out. I think he'll be happier having a playmate around, though I must admit that I am not looking forward to having to deal with two pups.

I am also getting fat. Must visit a couple of gyms this week and break my lazy habits. I used to really enjoy exercising. Somehow over the summer I got complacent. It's catching up with me now, so I better do something before it gets too difficult. I hate it when my clothes feel tight!

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creechmark said...

Good for you for getting Captain Nemo a subcommander.

Fat? Gym? That's not what your avatar says.