Rush Hours

Last night, we went to the Rush concert at the Woodlands Pavilion. I usually am a big spender and get really nice seats, but since we made sort of a last-minute decision to go, we ended up buying lawn seats at the gate.

I had heard on the radio that a local station was giving away front row seats to the person who wore the most radio station paraphernalia. Since I had no shirt, raincoat or anything else promoting that station, I made a point to seek out the DJs that were broadcasting from the concert. I asked them for some bumper stickers and they helped me basically cover my body in them.

They were so cool to tell me approximately where to stand so that the station rep would see me on the lawn after the show had started. I almost missed out to a guy that had written the station number all over his face, chest, arms and legs, but since I had official stuff on, they gave me the tickets!!!!

So, we spent the last 75% of the show in freaking front row!! There is no other way to enjoy a concert!*

*All of this happened in my head. But the show was great from the lawn, too.


cjh said...

You *are* hilarious. I love lawn seats. Nothing like listening to an outdoor concert with your shoes off.

Creechman said...

How many people passed out from the heat?

StaceyG said...

What heat? Is was a balmy 102F. With no breeze.

Eric said...

I'm beginning to wonder if your front row stories from previous years are truthful. I'll ask Geddy next time he and I are hanging out.

latt├ęgirl said...

There I was about to congratulate you on being so creative. You sneak!

Diana said...


I love concerts in the woodlands! 'Cept when the mosquitos are out. And when the grass is wet and sticks to your shorts. And when you dont have the AC seats. But, other than that I love concerts in the woodlands :P