Friday Update

School starts on Monday. As "slow" as summer was, it did seem to fly by. Punkin was very pessimistic about having to go to a new school this year. We went to "Meet the Teacher" yesterday, so she got to talk to one of her teachers, choose her desk, and even met the girl who will be sitting next to her. Then we went shopping for school clothes (though with the uniforms, we couldn't be very creative). So, I think she isn't dreading it as much as she was.

Did I mention that I am going to be teaching again this semester? It's a dual-credit class, which is for high schoolers that want to earn college credit. In theory, it should be a great bunch, since they will really want to be there - unlike a lot of the college freshmen I get.

Work is picking up, too. I have 2 new clients on the roster for next week. I should have a print proof of the book in my hands any day now, so that is on the horizon.

Yep, thoughts do become things.


Creechman said...

If thoughts became things, I'd be in real trouble.

So we will not go there.

As for "back to school" specials, they annoy bachelors whose Walmart cart paths grow problematic.

creechman said...

I'd like to be the silent guy in the back of the classroom to ultimately raise his hand during your teaching to say,

Excuse me ma'am, the pizza man is knocking at the door. Ok if I let him in?

StaceyG said...

That would be awesome! Make sure you order enough for everyone though...