My Dog Thinks I'm An Idiot...

...and I think he may be right. The kiddo and the dog took a trip this weekend to my in-laws' house. While they were gone, it was nice to be able to leave food out without the fear of it disappearing naughtily into dog-mouth. No stepping in poo. No jingle-jingle of collar all night.

But now they're home. In the span of 5 minutes, the dog has stolen a bag of potato chips and taken a shit on the floor (while looking at me and seemingly laughing). I caught him mid-drop and threw him outside, where he ran around merrily for a while and then came back to the door. And I will eventually let him in.

Anyone who thinks dogs (or cats for that matter) are intellectually inferior to humans has obviously never had one for a "pet."


Creechman said...

That expression on his face reminds me of the time I placed bubble gum in Sherry Sprott's hair.

I think I was nine, and she still has not forgiven me.

latt├ęgirl said...

Wot a naughty dog.

Just look at those eyes, guaranteed to be a smartass doggie.