What I Did for Father's Day

In true "outside the box" fashion, I drank too much and had a giant cry session at my dad's house. I am thankful that everyone there is a close friend, otherwise I might be having anxiety attacks today. You know..."I said what?!" Some would call it letting my hair down, others tell me that "in comes the wine, out comes the truth."

It's so weird to feel like you have it all together one minute, and fall apart the next. My parents got divorced about 5 years ago, but I still have some sort of weird existential problem going on. Maybe I'm finally mourning. Whatever it is, I had a nice talk with my dad and I hope we can start relating a bit more below surface level.

My next trick will be a visit to my mom later this week.

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selzach said...

I'm afraid of what would happen if I had a few drinks or even watched a sad movie.

I hope the visit with your mom goes well. How has she been doing?