Only one more week before the kiddo gets out of school. The universe (nor my searching) has produced anything that sounds remotely "fun" for Punkin to do over the summer via camps, etc. I guess we'll play it by ear.

In other news, Punkin got up on stage yesterday at her school talent show and played the piano. She played a song that she wrote. No, she's never had lessons. The song would have to be classified as "experimental" as it had no melody or harmony, but was a random pressing of keys that reminded me of some experimental jazz fusion that we were unfortunate enough to hear at the Toronto Jazz Festival a while back. However, I must admire her moxy.


cjh said...

That's some spunk, alright.

Creechman said...

Good for the kid. Takes after mom's refined sense of randomness.

How to occupy the summer? Library? I'm sure they have organized activities. You might even fall into one yourself. :)