The Lone Shoe

Taking the dog on a drizzly walk this morning, I found a shoe. ONE shoe - a nice one, too...name brand, in good shape. I have read other posts about the mysterious lone shoe on the highway, but it was strange to see one lying in the street of a residential neighborhood. So what happened?

A jogger was running along, lost his/her shoe, and didn't notice? Man, that runner's high must be awesome! Or maybe some kid saw someone he didn't like whilst driving to school, took off his shoe, and chunked it at the other kid. I bet he got one of those dress code violations for wearing one shoe to school. Or maybe I am so old that I don't know that the new "thing" is to wear only one shoe. It seems waste to throw the other one in the street, though.

Do you have any ideas about the lone shoe on the residential street?


Bubba's Sis said...

I have often wondered about this myself. How does one lose a shoe??

angelq said...

Maybe someone put it on top of their car whilst piling in other things and forgot to take it down. Wow, that is so unimaginative of me!

cjh said...

I wonder about it, too. I thought I had ran across it while in Seattle last weekend. Then I walked a bit farther and saw the other one. Now, I could understand ditching your heels in that town but couldn't you at least carry them?

Creechman said...

Sounds like the beginning of a Stephen King novel.

Anonymous said...

It's even freakier to find underwear in the middle of a residential street. That's the beginning of another kind of novel.

Around here, people tie pairs of shoes together and throw them over electric lines. I never saw the logic of that, either.

- Texas T-bone

latt├ęgirl said...

Just the other day I saw a lone boot in a parking lot. The same questions went through my mind. I'm thinking it's no real mystery, though. It fell out of someone's car and they never noticed.