Great Day for a Pool Party

Punkin is supposed to have her "official" birthday party today. She wanted to wait until the pool was finished. It hasn't rained in a couple of weeks. We're due, eh?

So, what to do with 6 8 year olds who can't swim due to thunderstorms? Anyone? Anyone?

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Bubba's Sis said...

Yeesh. We had a March b-day party totally rained out one year, too. We had bought a new swinget - one of the big wooden ones with the fort and the twisty slide - and Hubby worked extra hard to get it all put together for the party. We had everything planned for a big cookout and double-birthday-party (both my kiddos are March babies!). The whole neighborhood was invited. Relatives came from out of town. It poured. And poured and poured. Disaster. We tried to come up with party games and moved it to the garage, but it just wasn't the same. I'm sorry your Punkin's day got rained out!