Taking Care of Bizness

As if on cue from Phil, the sun has come out. As I was driving Punkin to school this morning, I felt a little irritated as I had to put down the sun visor - then I caught myself. You have been wanting the sun to come out for weeks now...be glad it's in your eyes! That was that.

Business has been so busy lately! People are really starting to come out of the woodwork, and all of them are full-fee, which is an extra added bonus. I spent the first year of my practice basically taking what people said they could pay. I used to joke about how I'd do therapy for a bag of oranges. I guess when you are building a service business, it's easy to undervalue yourself. I thought I wasn't worth more than a bag of oranges, I suppose. I know better now.

And speaking of business, I am redoing my office now that I don't have an officemate. I am going to paint the walls a nice taupe color. It will be great not to have to look at the cheap white walls with smudges all over them from moving furniture. I have debated getting curtains too, but the window in there is just weird. It's off-center (which I could disguise with curtains) and it's really high up. Perhaps if I come across the perfect panel...

I figure that people need to feel that they're getting their money's worth. I know I always feel better when the offices I visit have been thoughtfully decorated.

What do y'all think? Does the decor in doctor's offices (and other service places) make a difference in your overall experience with them?


latt├ęgirl said...

Re office decorating: I definitely get an impression, either good-bad-or-neutral, from the offices I go to. The best one I've seen since living where I am is the office of a massage therapist in town. With very little money (I could tell) she managed to achieve a very lovely soothing atmosphere. I'm not sure taupe is the best colour, but if you combine it with cream accents (not white) it can be nice. I don't think I have to talk to you about colours and how they affect mood.

And by all means, do something with that off-centre window. You can balance it out by hanging something to one side of it, a little further than it would normally hang. An African or Asian mask or an unusual work of art, something that isn't boring (doesn't have to be expensive.) Find something unusual to dress the window, not just a typical curtain panel. Play with the curtain (or whatever) and the thing you hang on the wall beside the window for an effect.

Service places don't have to be boring, and they are assuredly a reflection of the person who owns (or even rents!) the office space.

Go for the creativity, girl!

Bubba's Sis said...

Decor absolutely makes an impression!!! Dress it up and make it yours!

creechman said...

As a guy living within confines of bland, white walls - I'd prefer taupe if I didn't have to move that big TV out of the way.

But decor in doctor's offices never gets any better than crocodile teeth cartoons at the dentist.

Bubba's Sis said...

Just paint around the TV, creechman - no one will ever know. ;-)

Cheryl said...

I know I'm a little late getting in on the decorating ideas, but...the decor in the office of the professional I'm visiting DEFINITELY affects how I feel about the visit. I can remember one therapist I visited whose office had so many wonderful sensory items: the sounds and sight of water in a fountain, the aroma and warmth of a candle burning, soft music (very soft!), plush, textured pillows for the sofa, and nice soothing colors for the walls and accessories.