Down Time

Punkin has been under the weather for the last few days and she so generously gifted her cold to me. I think back in the past when I would have gone to work no matter how badly I felt. It seems amusing to me now that I realize that I am all that I have!

I had no problem rescheduing clients and meetings this morning and am feeling rather proud of myself for not feeling guilty. I have noticed commercials lately for cold and flu medicines that show seriously ill people AT WORK, encouraging them to suck it up, take some drugs and press on. How insane is that?

The Universe has delivered a perfect "sick day," too...gray, cold and windy. It's a great day to stay in bed.


danelle said...

I love days when you are just sick enough to stay home and curl up under a blanket on the couch. Mmmm

latt├ęgirl said...

You know the rule about the oxygen mask for yourself first.