wake up!

you know, i can get so caught up in my head that i don't see what's in front of my face. i was walking through my house to change clothes and stopped to talk to the lady that helps out around the house. then i helped the guy who's painting punkin's room move a piece of furniture. then i thought about how good my yoga class had been and how i had gotten some last-minute shopping done. then i talked to the guy who's heading up the painting crew, getting our old house ready to put on the market. i edited 14 pages of my book and felt satisfied with my progress.

don't ever let me tell you that i am not blessed.


terry said...

I think I ran out of captions, although I was trying very hard to think of a celebrity with blonde dreads.

Ah, well.

Most days, I keep telling myself that everyone else around me is blessed by my presence, but in fact, I know that I just come off as incredibly knowitall.

If someone else made dinner once in awhile, I might be swayed from my almighty attitude.

Sorry, this wasn't about me; who is "the lady who helps around the house?"

tigger said...

How do you know that you come off that way? I bet you intend to bless. =)

"The lady" is actually my personal assistant. She frees me up to concentrate on my work. I love her!!

latt├ęgirl said...

Shit. And in MY LIFE, I am the personal assistant. This is just plain unfair. How do you get a person assistant?

(Of course you realize that I exaggerate for dramatic effect. But not entirely, totally. I... want... an...assistant! NOW!)

Creechman said...

I'm satisfied if you're satisfied.

tigger said...

Creechman, you're so easy to please!

Terry, you just need to intend household help. If you intend it, he/she will come. =) Actually, Tami has been coming once or twice per month to clean my house for like 8 years. We got to talking one day about how I needed more help and we agreed on a wage. Now she works 20-25 hours/week at the casa. I love her!