A Special Occasion?

I am rewriting this post. The first version was way too cranky and negative. I am trying not to be that way!

So, it's New Year's Eve and I am keeping with this year's tradition of feeling sick on the holidays. An old root canal has gotten infected and is throwing me for a loop. So I am on the painkillers...no drinks for me! Or maybe I should have a couple and start my own party! The Captain is out sulking in the garage. I ruined yet another festive occasion. Fortunately, Punkin isn't old enough to be mad that we are not out and about on NYE. I figure I have a couple of years left of her ignorance. She's good with the Disney channel and permission to stay up until midnight.

I am catching up on my blog reading, reading my new book The Field by Lynne McTaggart and watching the Seinfeld marathon on TBS. We were actually invited to 2 different parties...ones involving drunken Pictionary, which is always fun. Maybe next year. For some reason (besides the woozines), NYE just doesn't seem exciting this year for me.

So...resolutions. One is to finish writing and publish my books/audiobooks this year. I have committed to March for one of them. It shouldn't be a problem. I also want to make yoga and meditation a daily occurrence in my life. I need more structure. These past few days with no clients and Punkin being home has really thrown me off. I did get to spend some extra time with my best friend from grad school, who was here from Colorado and couldn't get home on Friday because of the blizzard. She made it home safe and sound today.

I hear some fireworks already! I forget that we are no longer in the city limits...not that it ever made a difference in our old neighborhood anyway. The old house is going on the market on 1/2. Mark my words...it will be sold by the end of January!

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Cheryl said...

Who is your friend from grad school? I wonder if I knew her? I'd like to hear more about your books/audiobooks.