close this!

we close on the house this morning. the title company let me know how much money to bring at 6pm last night, which was pretty useless since the banks were closed. it cracks me up how non-chalant they are about it...like i can get a cashier's check for $20k in 5 minutes.

anyway, that's my mission this morning - to get a ginormous cashier's check...i think. long story short, they tell us we need to bring $800, not $20k. i must confirm this, as we are not doing a 100% loan.

living amongst boxes has me on edge. i know it's "for a good cause" but i must say that my energy is blocked. i am looking forward to the open spaces of the new casa.

i'll let you know when the housewarming is. i hope you've saved up for a nice trip to texas! mi casa es su casa.


Creechman said...

At least the question of how much cash is necessary was close ballpark: $20K or $800. Split the difference quick!

errr - ok that's $19,200 divided by two...um....$9,600 added back to $800 = oh screw it.

tigger said...

Exactly. They actually made a $13,500 error in our favor. Being the sickeningly honest person I am, I told them and they were ever so grateful. Then I told them they were going to have to wait a couple of days for the wire transfer. For some reason, they didn't mind. =)