challenging people

i had lunch with my oldest friend today. well, she's not the oldest person i know, but she's been my friend for a long time. she is also one of the most judgmental people i have ever encountered.
anyway, as much as i love and appreciate my friend, i feel sad that every person she interacts with, including me, is colored by her judgments. i find myself feeling defensive, wanting to justify my every action so that it meets with her "approval." i know her motivations are pure - she thinks she is "taking care" of me...but it's annoying!

i'm trying to remember that there is beauty and love to be found in everyone, no matter how hard we have to look to find it.

great movie alert! five people that you meet in heaven - it can be rented since it was originally an abc television movie


Creechman said...


If we're all interconnected atoms, the product of our thoughts, then no such thing as judgment. The universe simply unwinds.

Everything everybody says, after all, is a product of our mutual inter-connection.

Or not. ;)

tigger said...

There can be no non-judgment without judgment, no up without down, no good without bad. That's what gives life such contrast!

Me saying that my friend is judgmental is my own judgment.

creechman said...

This windy-winding logic finds its way back to a girl running after a rabbit.

"He's Late!"

Hope you get over this infinite loop phase soon. I'm taking away all your Kahlil Gibran booklets. Stuff like on page 57 of my bathroom version: "The silence of the envious is too noisy."


tigger said...

This is a weblog, Mark. It's a place where I write out my thoughts. You don't have to agree with them. You don't even have to read them if they offend you.

Creechman said...

just joshin.

Who says I never call?

tigger said...

...or take me to lunch?

terry said...

People who just don't get it are seemingly everywhere and, often, in positions of power. It can be frustrating and painful to watch them behave unconsciously. We all encounter individuals of this bent in our families, at work, and in all areas of public life. It is easy to find ourselves feeling intolerant of these people, wishing we could be free of them even though we know that separation from them is an illusion. (Daily OM 10/11/06 -- pretty sure you read it that day, but anyhoo)

People who don't get it fall into the category of challenging people. I live with a person who challenges me daily in a myriad ways, and it is MY job to figure out how to adjust my thinking so that she no longer presents a challenge.

Hard work...

And that movie? Was interested in it the instant I read a review a few weeks ago. Sounds cool.

latt├ęgirl said...

Also: someone tells me that the movie Conversations With God is a must-see.

tigger said...

Oooh yeah - that movie was awesome! I am making my way through books 1 - 3 right now. There's only ONE theater in the entire Houston area that's showing CwG.