the bottom line

please read kate's potty post here.


latt├ęgirl said...

Kate's comment on Because I Say So made me laugh so hard, I (as I wrote at the time in a reply comment) almost shat my pants. (In retrospect, I should have said "panties.")

And with that comment of hers, I went over to her site and got hooked on her, um, unusual writing style, we formed a Mutual Admiration Society for Girls Who Shop in Heels (the former part is true, anyway) and have corresponded lovingly ever since.

Whenever I find a blog, LJ or website that makes me laugh right from the start, I am hooked. And so it was with Sweet, Cakey, Crazy, Chemically-challenged Kate.

Kate said...

I am, indeed, honoured, Tigger (though if I had any dignity left in my life whatsoever I should probably be horrifically embarrassed) that you’ve actually posted my “potty post.” “Rant” is probably more descriptive of its actual contents.

I realized an interesting thing: When I appended the addendum (that just HAS to be redundant) I didn’t really read through the original comment. So, again, in my addendum, I essentially repeat, “I don’t care if NASA made the toilet tissue…”

It seems that I have such great faith in NASA’s technological abilities in that if SOMEONE made truly ULTRA SUPREME toilet paper, it WOULD be NASA. Nevertheless, I apparently felt strong enough about it TWICE to say that even if you have the most technologically advanced toilet tissue in the WORLD you don’t have to be such a tightfisted bastard with it.

Always Happy to Dialogue about any such
IMPORTANT World Issues,
Crazy Kate of Le Monde de Kate du Fromage

P.S. I may LOOK like a circus, but that’s not how really how I feel. :-(

tigger said...

It may be obvious to you folks, but it is dawning on me how the paranoia of using too many tp sheets and general anal retentiveness is so very connected. Every new date should have to pass the tp test up front!

Creechman said...

Just waiting for this scatalogical episode to pass.

tigger said...

Mark, do you count squares?? ;)

Karla said...

That's a girl after my own heart.

tigger said...

Karla?? Is that YOU?? Leave me the link to your blog please!! I lost it and I feel so ALONE!!