resolutions revisited

it's time for me to revisit my new year's resolutions. here they are, directly copied and pasted from my january 1 post:
  • i will start up my exercise program again [gym 1x this week, 2x next week, 3x/week after that]
  • i will read the entire Bible in a year, using "Bible gateway" as my guide
  • i will say a prayer, no matter how brief, every day
  • i will go back into therapy by the end of january

exercise...i didn't get up to 3x/week, but i'm steadily hanging out at 2x/week yoga class. i've found much more benefit in yoga than the gym would ever provide. i get to exercise my mind, body and spirit in a creative environment. that beats shallow conversation whilst quietly hating what one is doing on some oversized torture machine.

the Bible...i don't think i ever started reading it. i find most Bible passages to read like shakespeare. while i can get the jist of it, the language is too vague and flowery to really draw me in. i have been exposed to many scripture quotations in my studies, though. church hasn't helped at all - in fact, when i told my ministry leader that we were visiting different churches, they kicked me out so fast that my head is still spinning. organized religion rocks.

prayer...in one form or another, i find myself praying almost constantly.

therapy...i don't think i started in january, but i did start and am making good progress.

actually, i have made progress in a lot of areas, including my mood. as of today, i have completely stopped taking klonopin (for anxiety - i took it for 7 years) and zoloft (anti-depressants - i took it for 5 years). i never thought i would be able to say that!!

i wonder what other surprises are in store for me?


cjh said...

Good for you! Glad there's progress. And, you're right, it is about time to pull out the old resolutions... Is it bad if you can't even remember what they were?

tigger said...

LOL! I know a lot of people who just don't make resolutions. Actually, I never really did until this past year.

Rose said...

I am very interested in how you got off your meds. while dealing with the side effects. I am trying to wean a daily dose of 1 mg of klonopin for panic attacks and it is a S-L-O-W process. Not even thinking of dropping my Effexor yet.

tigger said...

I started by going down .5 mg every other night - say, Monday I took 1mg, Tues. .5, Wed. 1 mg, Thurs, .5, etc. Did this for a month, then only took .5 for a month. Then went down another .25 every other night for a month...

The kicker really was my new view of the world. I didn't have any withdrawals at all. Mind over matter, I guess you would say. The Zoloft was easier - went down from 100mg to 50mg, then stopped.

cjh said...

And how did your new view of the world come about?

tigger said...

Opening my mind to new things - studying quantum physics, the law of attraction, etc. Once you read and consider this stuff, it's so freeing that you'll never be the same!