"money is the root of all evil"

i was talking with a friend yesterday about philosophy, religion and society. [yes, mark - kumbaya] she kept repeating the phrase, "i can't afford that," referring to a spectrum of things from a cold stone milkshake to a new home. we got to talking about the theory of attraction - like attracts like - rich attracts riches, poor attracts poverty. that conversation generated some really interesting ideas for me.

if someone goes around saying that they "can't afford" something, the universe will deliver them lack and wanting, according to the law of attraction. however, if someone says that they can afford something (even if they couldn't see a way to purchase it at that exact moment) and really believe that they will purchase it very soon, the universe tends to rearrange itself in order to pave the way for that person to meet that goal.

and i must put this disclaimer in before the flame comments begin - yes, i am talking about money. yes, i like money because it allows me to obtain the things (and time) i need to be happy. and when i am happy, i am more likely to feel like helping others, which is apparently extremely more noble in this society than pursuing material wealth. however, if you desired to give everything you own to the poor and live on the streets, wouldn't you still need money to accumulate the very possessions that you will give away?


Creechman said...

Dear Tigger,

You are getting slightly out of control with an enthusiastic newfound philosophy towards life, liberty, and the power of the mind.

I must slightly disagree with the idea that the universe conforms to various hums and chants. For richer or poorer it remains true that your attitude helps shape what you make of each day.

I prefer richer too. Not because I yearn for gold, but as you said to be comfortable and able to then extend out to others. By choice and not necessity.

But the mystical idea of self-hypnotizing one's mind into concert with a universal force...well girl, it don't change a red light when you are late for a lecture on the virtues of punctuality.

Let the flames begin.

cjh said...

So are these the kinds of books you're talking about? I suddenly feel like I could write an entire post to comment on this stuff... I may go do that.

Bubba's Sis said...


You are not a Christian, are you? Not flaming - just asking.

tigger said...

Ahhh...the inevitable Christian question! Why yes, I am a Christian. I have been for YEARS!

Cheryl said...

I'm a Unitic, tigger, so of course my philosophy is that the universe gives you what you ask for. We are responsible for our thoughts and therefore what we receive. That's a hard pill to swallow when things are not going the way you'd like. It's quite a responsibility but also an incredible sense of power over your own life.

Cheryl said...

You might be interested in a book I'm re-reading: Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay (by Jim Rosemergy. There's a passage that reads, "We may live in simplicity or be stewards of large amounts of wealth. The planet needs both kinds of people. Those who live in simplicity teach us that happiness lives in us rather than in circumstances. The stewards of vast earthly wealth who have a deep relationshp with spirit help us with our physical needs and in the discovery of our self-worth."

It sounds like you lean toward being one of the stewards of vast wealth. Nothing wrong with that!

tigger said...

I didn't realize we had so much in common, Cheryl. There is a wonderful sense of freedom in knowing that everyone is being taken care of. It's unfortunate that so many people look right past that fact and so don't come upon that security.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the power in thought comes from being able to move yourself from being a "victim" of life in which you beleive things happen to you to being the person who makes things happen for you.