a different way to think

punkin has a friend over tonight for a "sleepover." (the quotes are there because there will be very little sleeping going on) i ordered pizza for dinner and thought it would be fun to make my kitchen into a restaurant. i even printed up a couple of menus to add to the authenticity. the girls loved it, of course.

doing that got me thinking about my childhood sleepovers. my parents never did anything special for us - they just yelled if we were acting up. in fact, my parents never really played with me or sat and talked with me for more than 5 minutes. everyone over the age of 30 that i ask says that their parents never played with them either. so where does this line of thinking go? spoiled.

since i have been practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga, which imply lack of judgment, that word was unacceptable. i did that stuff for the girls because i wanted to. it made them happy, and it made me happy. i just can't accept that an activity that produces so much happiness could be unhealthy. besides, it's just my story anyway.

if you're interested in learning about changing your judgmental thinking, read the four agreements and the voice of knowledge by miguel ruiz.


Creechman said...

I assume giggling was involved?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine not playing with my son, or him not wanting to play with me (which I'm sure will come in time). My parents actually DID play with me, spend a lot of one-on-one time, do special things similar to your wonderful restaurant role-play. Parents who didn't really missed out on the true joys of being connected to their kids.

- Texas T-bone

tigger said...

That's great, T! You're honestly the first person I've heard say that about their parents. They must be pretty special!