those of you who have read my blog for more than a week may notice that i have done some "housekeeping." i have trimmed down my blogroll to only include the writings of people i actually know and have met (plus danelle and kristine!). so if you're not linked here anymore, that's why.

i have also changed my blog name to more closely match my changing philosophy. i intend to alter my life for the better using the universal law of attraction. i'll be chronicling things here, as well as leaving my usual fabulous observations from day-to-day. yes, you know they are fabulous; otherwise, why are you here?

if you want to see a stellar movie that will inspire you, motivate you and generally leave you enthusiastic about life, see akeelah and the bee.



Mark said...

Whew, I made the cut. I like your adjustments. Yes, I noticed that right corner thing, "what is the secret." Haven't opened up the trailer yet.

tigger said...

Yes, you've gotten a call back! =)