now and then

this weekend, the captain and i were childless, as punkin went camping with my in-laws. this got me thinking about how we've changed over the years. 5 years ago, when we had a weekend to ourselves, the days would consist of much different things than they do now. for instance:

then: drop punkin off and immediately go to a bar
now: drop punkin off and immediately come home

then: drink a lot at the bar, call some friends and meet them at another bar
now: play around and/or work on the computer (me); piddle around outside and/or work on electronics projects (the captain)

then: come home drunk and stay up until 2am drinking some more, while having "philosophical" conversations
now: go out to eat when we get hungry and then come home and go to sleep by 10pm

then: wake up with a massive hangover and try to "maintain" during the excruciating drive to pick up punkin
now: wake up after 12 hours' sleep, begin piddling and computer stuff again until it's time to pick up punkin

while we might have had more "fun" back then, i'll take now over then any day - no matter how "boring" it sounds!

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