how r u?

a client of mine is very fond of text messaging in lieu of making a phone call. those of you who know me know that i really don't like being on the phone. most of my communication is done via email. text messaging, however, is a new art for me. there's a mode that's supposed to "guess" what you are trying to type, but it never gets my intentions right. so instead, i type the message manually, which can take a couple of or many minutes, depending on the message. for convenience sake, i am trying to learn the abbreviations for things. so far, i have come up with these:

2 = to
u = you
thx = thanks
K = okay
2day = today
2morro = tomorrow
gud luk = good luck

sometimes, i just break down and call her. a 5 minute conversation is much more palatable than a 20 minute garbled text message.

what abbreviations do you use if you text message someone?

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