home improvement

[insert manly grunting here]

today, my dad is here to put up crown moulding in our living room and family room. it's looking rather nice. however, it hasn't been as "easy" as we thought because our house was built in 3 months and the quality leaves a lot to be desired. the ceiling slopes (no, it's not supposed to) and there are really bizarre angles along the wall-to-ceiling junction.

we really had no idea how long we wanted to live here when we bought the house. i remember the mortgage guy asking if we planned to live in the house longer than 7 years (which would help determine what kind of mortgage would be best for us). we honestly didn't know! the captain was working at NASA at the time and i was in my first of five years at a software design firm. we knew we wanted to start a family soon, but who can predict the future??

next june will mark 10 years that we've been in this house. this is the only home punkin has ever known. it has many structural flaws and leaves a lot to be desired (is it asking too much for a drawer or two to be included in the master bath cabinetry??), but we've been through a lot here. we've watched our small town (population 10,000) explode into a metropolis (population 80,000). we've made friends here...we had our daughter here...we celebrated our 10th anniversary here. there's something comforting about turning the corner onto our street and seeing our house, faithfully waiting for us, flaws and all.

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