the parking nazi

i am starting to really look forward to putting punkin in public school next year. we have always liked the private school she goes to, but lately some of the teachers have been getting on my nerves.

parking is horrible, and if i'm lucky enough to find a space, i try to be diligent about hustling punkin into the building so i can vacate the space for someone else to use. if i have to pull up under the awning, i usually help punkin out of the car and watch her until she goes inside, then pull out. if i linger, one of the kindergarten teachers (who has ever so kindly taken the position of parking lot nazi) will yell at me to move.

this morning, i had a primo space under the awning. i helped punkin out of the car and walked her to the door since no one was behind me yet. i turned around to get back into the car and heard some whistling, but since i am not a dog, i didn't think much of it. all of a sudden, the music teacher comes barreling out of the building, yelling at me. "didn't you hear me?" she asked. "no, i didn't hear you call my name," i answered. she handed me a permission slip and explained the attire punkin needs to wear on thursday when they go sing at an old folks' home. then she asked me what my big hurry was. i told her that [the parking nazi] yells at me if i stay under the awning too long. being good buds with the parking nazi, the music teacher chuckled and shook her head back and forth as she sauntered back into the building.

there has to be a better way to communicate than that. i left, feeling like a scolded schoolgirl. i would totally rebel on thursday if my daughter wouldn't have to endure the consequences and if it wasn't for such a charitable function.

oh, the tv snippet yesterday looked really good. i think i got my point across about the difference between depression and psychosis. i think that was the first media experience that i've had that actually went well - no weird edits or misrepresentations. yay!

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