can i breathe now?

what a week! and it's only wednesday. yesterday, i was so busy grading things and seeing clients that i didn't have time to sit down and prepare today's lecture until about 5pm. i didn't even eat dinner. i don't like those kind of schedules. i don't mean to complain - i have a new client and today i got a call from a potential new client.

i know i only have one semester as a teacher under my belt, but i should know better than to put things off until the last weeks of school. i have one more week to teach before it's time to give final exams. i have a stack of portfolios (one of the writing components for my class) to grade yet. and those take a while because they're at least 5 pages long if not more and are usually so full of mistakes, it's sickening. perhaps i should just make general comments about run-on sentences, fragments, and the use of sentences like, "my grandma don't have no money." i need to make exam reviews for the final, which has 2 different forms. i still need to tweak my lecture for the last chapter. oh, and my long-anticipated guest speaker keeps rescheduling at the last minute!

but it's all good. it all gets done eventually, somehow. just don't ever let me bitch about being bored, okay? =)

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