you should read this

we have been blessed with gorgeous weather lately. it's refreshing after a couple of weeks of rain and basic grossness. people are even nicer to one another in weather like this. i should take advantage of the sunshine and go do some laps at the park. i should eat my vegetables, too, but you don't see me in the salad bar line. the word "should" is dangerous.

i find myself living life like i should more than like i want. sure, there are things that i have committed myself to do - go to work, raise a child, be a faithful spouse. but instead of going to the park and enjoying the sunshine after work, i am sure that i will go grocery shopping because i should. i will pick up the house and get dinner ready because i should. i wish i could say that i enjoy doing these things because i am taking care of my family. i should say that, right? but i don't like going to the grocery store. i don't like unloading all the bags and putting all the stuff away. i don't like to cook. i don't like to clean, either. i know, i know - i should be grateful that we have money to buy groceries. but i'm not. i take it for granted. in fact, i find most domestic stuff to be a pain in the ass.

and that's the way it is...just as it should be.

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