the book i posted about earlier has really got me thinking. i am starting to see the areas in which i have been sucked into society's expectations of motherhood. the author had raised her daughter up to age 3 in france, where being a mother is a laid-back position. french moms are expected to take care of their own needs and not give up their identities and lives. people would think you were weird if you obssessed about what day care you were trying to get your kid in to, or if you ran about, shuttling kids to soccer, piano, dance, etc.

then the author moved back to the USA. she found herself amazed by the idiocy of american moms - the complete craziness around which we lived our lives. but soon, she too became "one of us." and that inspired her to write the book. she focuses on middle to upper-middle class moms because we tend to have the resources to do these crazy things. and they are crazy!

how many of you with kids have thought to yourselves - i have a great husband, a nice home, food on the table and great kids...so why do i feel so shitty all the time? it's because society expects us, as women and as mothers, to do everything. it's like we're combining "june cleaver" with working 40+ hours per week. so much for the feminist movement!

anyway, i digress. today is the first day of the rest of my life my spring break, so i am going to lay low and relax. my mother had come by the other day and commented on how pale and tired i looked. this, coming from the queen of exhaustion! but she's been sweet - calling every day to make sure i've taken some time out for myself. so i better do what my mommy tells me!

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