50 pounds of green beer

we are about to go tour the elementary school that punkin will be attending next year. i just realized that i am not wearing green. do you think the school counselor will pinch me? if she doesn't, captain crotch surely will. i could go for some green beer right about now.

life is bumping along for me. a few clients have cancelled their appointments with me this week. i am not that bummed about it, either. i mean, i could definitely use the money, but for some reason i am having the hardest time "getting back into the groove" after spring break. at least my lecture went well yesterday. chapter 8's lecture is usually well received. yes, it is about sex.

a friend of mine just had a 50 pound cyst removed from her abdomen. actually, they did a complete hysterectomy. 50 pounds! you may ask how in the heck she didn't notice something was wrong. well, she is overweight and has an irrational fear of doctors. she did know something was wrong for a while, but just got the courage up to face her fears. that's one way for quick weight loss, eh? anyway, she is doing just fine and there wasn't any cancer involved. punkin and i have been taking care of her new westie puppy.

what's new with you?

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