nursemaid, i am not

i am the worst take-care-of-er that i have ever known. i can't even take care of myself properly! i should be in bed, getting rest and plenty of fluids. instead, i am drinking a nutritional beverage for lunch, doing laundry and writing pensively in my blog. when punkin gets sick, i am pretty good at tending to her. but captain crotch is too whiny when he is sick and i seem to refuse to be stopped by illness. we are baaaaad patients.

so, a nationally syndicated show has called me (the producer, not the actual show - tv shows can't make phone calls) to see if they could "fly me up" to new york to be on their show. they are doing a piece about postpartum depression. can you say, "hell yeah!"? i am not that excited about being on the show - the media tends to just want drama when i want to tell them the facts. my pieces usually get creatively edited. but i have always wanted to visit new york in the winter! and if i can do it on someone else's dime, then that's even better! i am not sure if i get to bring anyone yet. i don't think we could afford to buy captain crotch a ticket. we'll see. i have to do the standard "pre-interview" before i know the details. at the very least, i hope i can see my friend from junior high, kambri, while i am there.

it's a light gray day - the kind where you have to wear your sunglasses because the clouds are so bright. not that i have been outside today or anything. and not that i have even bothered to change out of my pajamas. i really would like to go get a tree today. but every time i get up to go do something because i am feeling better, i start to feel gross again. curse these germs!

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