method to the madness

can you believe that tomorrow is Christmas eve already? though it does seem that i have been buying gifts, wrapping and shopping for months. oh wait. i have. i always force myself to start shopping in october, especially if i am buying anything online. as my mother-in-law just experienced, ordering stuff online in december can often yield no present. that darn thing called "backorder." and the online stores are so swamped that communication sometimes fails; for example, you don't get the email that your order is not in stock at the moment.

i was getting my fancy tv nails filled yesterday at a day spa when i overheard this man talking to the receptionist about buying a gift certificate for his wife. the nail lady laughed and said that this guy was early. she said that on the 24th, they'll have a line of frantic husbands wanting to buy gift certificates that will fill the lobby and curve out the door. i have the type of personality that if i didn't have my shopping done by december 15th, i'd go into a panic. i hate having stuff like that hanging over my head. i guess some people find it easier not to stress about it until the last minute. i would definitely explode.

what's your method for Christmas shopping? do you like to go to stores or do you order stuff online? do you make presents?

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