bad me

i feel guilty. i am sitting here at the computer, drinking my flavored water, and reading my favorite blogs while the laundry spins in the dryer. shouldn't i be doing something? the carpet could use a good vacuuming. the bathroom floor needs to be swept. there are plenty of things i could do around the house, but i am not doing them. bad, bad me.

i have been trying to do business with this man who wants to put me on his provider list for his health plan. fine. i could use the referrals. the only thing is that this man never keeps his appointments! he missed the first one because he had the flu. it must have spread to his dialing finger because he didn't even call to cancel. when he called me the next week all apologetic, i gave him another chance. we set a meeting up for 9am. i left the office at 9:15 - perhaps i didn't give him enough time, but i don't have the pleasure of sitting around my office waiting for people to show up late. he called me again, stating that his 8:30 meeting had run late. i told him when i was going to be in next and that he could come in then. i was not going to make a special trip for him again. so, he did show up and we did most of the paperwork. all he needs is my liability insurance info. i told him i would be in at 8am today and that he could pick it up then. i left it on the coffee table in my office while i saw my client. it was still there when i left at 9:30. he just left me a message. i think that's the first time i have ever told my phone to "bite me."

this will probably be the last post for a little while, as we are leaving for new york in the morning. i am not going to lug my laptop onto the plane. it's just such a pain having to take it out of the case, etc. to show to security. so, i'll update you when i get back. have a great rest of the week!

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