one-way streets

i think it's pretty normal for the average adult to have a small, tight circle of friends. they've probably been friends for quite a long time by now. or perhaps there's a "new recruit" amongst them that is slowly infiltrating the group. in any case, research has shown (at least for women) that we need friends so that we can be healthy ourselves.

i posted a while back about one of my friends that moved away. i was sad to see her go, and happy for her new life. today, i realized one of the main reasons why i miss her. she is one of the few that i call a "two-way street friend." not only does she tell me about her life, she actually listens to me talk about mine! save her and maybe one other pal, my stories usually get cut off in favor of my counterpart's tale. sometimes i think it's because they expect me to listen - i mean, i am a counselor. but other times i think they are taking me for granted. she never did that. never. not once.

don't worry about me - i'll be okay. it's not like anything major is wrong right now anyway. i guess i am just appreciating my friend. you know the old cliche' - you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

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