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so, what's been going on in your world? you may ask. i am starting to get that "holiday" feeling, which happens to be the pleasant version instead of the stressful one. i am almost done shopping (mostly online), thanksgiving is right around the corner (and i don't have to cook anything) and punkin has started watching her Christmas videos (rudolph, frosty, etc.). i am excited to host Christmas dinner at our house this year. while it's nice to go visiting, it's sometimes nicer to not have to leave the house. my mom is looking forward to cooking the holiday meal and i might actually get out my fine china.

some of my neighbors have already decorated their houses. in my opinion, that's a bit premature, but whatever. i think i am going to stop by this crafty place on my way back from school tomorrow and see if i can get a pretty sign for the front yard that emphasizes "the reason for the season." we usually don't do lights, but maybe captain crotch will get inspired by the fact that we're having company.

school is winding down. i am busy making final exams and finishing up lectures. december 10th is the official end of the semester. then i have about a month off. i am not quite sure what i am going to do with the free time. maybe i'll volunteer somewhere. gradewise, things are pathetic. i have a handful of students that are trying and doing well. the rest seem to be in orbit. oh well...not my problem. i can't wait to read the student evaluations!

my practice is slowing down a bit. i had 2 calls that sounded really promising, but i never got a return call. i chalk it up to the holidays. people usually go one way or the other - they need therapy because of all the stress or they just don't have time to do it. i have a client who is going through some court proceedings currently. i figured i'd have to go through this type of situation eventually, but not this soon. at least i'll get some practice in.

captain crotch and i are a little distant. we seem to be involved in our own little worlds. hopefully that will change with the closeness of the holidays.

i got to visit with my friend who moved away to austin while she was in town last weekend. it looks like they are going to have to move to georgia because of her husband's army station. at least he's not having to go to iraq. i have another friend who has a 9 month old baby and just found out that she is pregnant again (surprise!). needless to say, she is quite upset.

punkin is doing well in school and has been behaving herself at home. i just love hugging on her all the time, though i think she gets pretty tired of it. every once in a while she'll come to me for hugs. i cherish those moments more than anything.

well, i have a chiropractor appointment now, so i better get going. i wish you and yours a very happy thanksgiving!

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