free association

since i am in the midst of making finals in which i ask about freud's techniques, let's practice one, shall we? free association is when you get comfy and then just say whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not. freud thought repressed material would come to the surface using this technique. i have used it myself in journaling when i feel that something's wrong, but i am not sure what. it's usually very helpful. so, if you want to participate, leave your free association in the comments. you don't have to give your real name, of course. i don't. =)

roger hypocrite office work but i don't want to cat is soft on foot my hands look old why do i hate the holidays it's too much pressure want to go off somewhere and hole up for a month stress must be getting to me have to make 4 tests by december 7th how am i going to teach 4 classes next semester i wish captain crotch was home why is punkin so clingy all of a sudden...

well, you get the idea. happy associating!

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