cat dandruff

i have been brushing my kitty every day for the past week or so to get rid of her "dandruff" (which is really dander). why would i want to share this with you? well, my cat has had this problem for years now and i haven't had/made time to address it since it wasn't life threatening. i bet my kitties long for the days of yore (whatever the hell that is) when they were my babies. but then, along came punkin. these days, i can barely touch the cats without punkin running interference.

i guess what i am trying to say is that the fact that i have finally gotten to work on the cat dandruff means that i am not currently consumed with trivialities (is that a word?) that have taken up most of my spare time for the last several years. today, i went and walked 2 miles and prayed the entire time. add that to the cat dandruff, and i've made some pretty good progress in regard to stress management. who knew that feline dander would be a good thing?

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ShelfD said...

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