the miracle of modern medicine and other social events

ah, the miracle of antibiotics. looks like i was fighting a sinus infection. or i guess i still am. but i feel so much better. it's like night and day.

so my renewed energy allowed me to participate in our garage sale yesterday morning. it was kind of disappointing. we moved about half of our stuff, but we had a lot of stuff. i think i am going to have another one this coming friday since everything is still set up in the garage. maybe we'll sell some more junk and then donate the rest to charity.

last night we attended the wedding of a dear friend. b. has been waiting to marry s. for 4 years. he wanted to finish school first, which he did. b. is a very patient woman. the wedding was a catholic mass, which means it lasted about an hour. not being catholic myself, i found it pretty mechanical and drawn-out. but i know it meant a lot to b. so i am glad it all worked out so well. the reception was awesome. open bar, lots of food, and a live salsa band. it ended around midnight and i had to do some honorary bridesmaid stuff, so we didn't get home until 1:00am. i was just about to turn into a pumpkin, but we made it.

now, we are about to leave for the renaissance festival. i was hoping the weather would be better - at least lower humidity - but i guess we have to take what we can get. if i don't post for a while, it's because i have gone into an exhaustive coma. yeah, antibiotics rule.

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